Spanky's Cash Reputation


Deleted member 1083

+Rep he bought 1394 yuan worth of my buff balance for ethereum, I went first.
+Rep bought his AK Case Hardened Tier 2 Pattern Index 773, Headhunter Sticker (Foil), Godsent Atlanta 2017 Holo, and a sticker Capsule 2 for e-transfer, I went first.


+Rep he bought my ST AK Vulcan FT, Awp Wildfire FT, AK Neon Revolution FN, and AWP Asiimov FT for ethereum, I went first.

lil steezy

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+Rep sold him my ST Sawed Off Serenity FN, AWP Boom MW, AK Wasteland Rebel FT, Welcome to The Clutch Pin, and kNgV Gold Berlin 2019 Sticker for ethereum, I went first.


+Rep sold him a Kara Doppler FN p3 via ethereum that I had already prebought from Davidturtle. David sent Spanky the knife first and then Spanky sent me the ethereum


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+Rep sold him my Bowie Knife Doppler P3 Via venmo. I went first, his friend (Xtwistt) sent me venmo on his behalf.


+Rep sold him my 0.01FV Kara Gamma Doppler P4 FN, M4A1S Hotrod FN 0.007, AWP Hyperbeast FT, ST Glock Water elemental MW, ST USPS Kill Confirmed FT, AK Bloodsport FT, and Ak Asiimov MW via e-transfer, I went first.