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+Rep sold him FN gut knife doppler Sapphire, MW ak vulcan, FT awp asiimov via crypto for $700+ USD, I went first. very fast trade


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+Rep sold him a Desert Eagle Print stream BS and other small items in my inventory via e-transfer, I went first. ty!


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+Rep sold him 163 dollars worth of cases and items for e-transfer, I went first. Quick and easy like always.


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Spanky bought scammed items knowingly from a scammer. Skeleton Knife Fade + Kato Holo AWP Boom

Mouz was scammed by Spankys Friend
Mouz messaged Spanky that he was scammed by his friend.
Spanky had 3+ days to respond
He bought the scammed items
Lied about having unread messages. He was saying he had a lot of unread messages and thats why he didn't see the messages on his account about the scammed items. We asked him to stream his screen and he had 0 unread messages contradicting what he said.
Spanky showed messages with the scammer and he was good friends with the scammer.
He said he would not show the transaction between him and the scammer likely paying very cheap because he knows they were scammed.
Banned unless he resolves the trade by returning the fade to Mouz. Message T-Virus for Mouz account

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