Spanky's Cash Reputation


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+Rep sold him my Karambit Fade FN, Desert Eagle Blaze FN, and Specialist Gloves Crimson Web FT for ethereum, I went first.


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+Rep he added cash via ethereum on top of a trade we did for my Karambit Marble Fade FN ( for an AK CH WW with Vox Holo), I went first. We exchanged items and then he sent the according amount to make up the difference.


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+Rep bought my AK Case Hardened FT and Navaja Knife Case Hardened FT via ethereum, I went first.


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+Rep bought 2 of my Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm Arcanas for ethereum, I went first.
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+Rep bought my USPS Serum ST MW with Hellraiser kato 2014 holo and LGB kato 2014 non holo, M4 Asiimov WW, and Souvenir MP9 Hotrod FN for ethereum, I went first.
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+Rep I bought $100 cad worth of empire coins for e-transfer, I went first!


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+Rep pre-paid for an M4A4 Asiimov FT and a MP7 teal Blossom 0.003 via E-transfer, I went first. He delivered the M4 and MP7 once they were off trade hold.


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+Rep bought 12 TF2 keys via ethereum, he went first. Monster paid him in ethereum a few days later