Havoc's Ban Appeal


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- Why were you banned?
I do fully admit that I did scam someone on the server for a $100 item over 1 year ago (I forgot the exact item).

- Why should you be unbanned?
I fully believe that I only did this as something to do during quarantine and was not the real me acting. I have even done successful cash trades before and after getting banned with darksi, monsterpanda, alonso, and more. I know that it is very easy for you (the staff team) to not believe this and I fully understand that because I am a manager on a large 1v1/minigames/awp bhop server and I deal with unbans related to cheaters claiming that they will not do it anymore and admitting to their fault. From personal experience, I have encountered that if the person at fault admits to what they did wrong, they have a better chance of getting an unban and I hope that it is the same here. I know that scammers are the complete opposite of what you want on your server and I dont believe you. If I could I would 100% undo what I did and continued to just be a peaceful person on the server. I really dont know why I did what I did and I cannot justify it by saying it was just something I did over quarantine but that is the truth. It was a stupid impulsive decision that is now limiting what I want to do for hopefully years to come.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
I am going off to college and I wanted to get into trading as a small hobby which I feel I ruined when making the stupid decision to scam someone last spring. I hope to put down a couple hundred dollars on a good knife that I can buy with some buff balanced purchased from someone on TGP which would give me an incentive to not do anything stupid in the future.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
Like I mentioned earlier, I am a manager with many years of staffing experience which does not mean that I am fit for staff here, but I know how not to annoy the fuck out of staff and can stay respectful.
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