Darksi's Cash Reputation

Bubble Jacket

New member
+rep pre-bought my desert eagle blaze. He went first by paying with e-transfer, and he is extremely trust worthy. I would recommend! (y)


New member
+rep bought 2 fn aug midnight lilies 2 bs aug midnight lilies 1 negev mjolnir and 1 bs m9 bayonet blue steel for $620 paypal


New member
+rep sold him an M4 Knight, Crown foil, Deagle Blaze, and Ak vulcan for crypto (ETH) I sent the skins first cuz Darksi is sexy and he sent monies after. Easy pz


New member
+rep sold my butterfly case harden ww st and bs imerial plaids TO DARKSI. i went first then after i went first he sent me 517.69$ CAD not USA $


+rep, bought st bowie rust coat bs, stillelto boreal forst, and m4 royal paladin fn via eth. I went first, thanks!


+rep, bought his Awp Silk tiger Ft .20 & Ak redlam MW w/ cheap stickers via etransfer. he went first + smooth trade as always!