Waffleswaffle's admin application!


New member
Name: Jake

Age: 19

How long have you been trading: 4 years

Admin experience: I run my own Roblox item selling site, online clothing site, admin for a few large Roblox/GTA V groups, as anything goes, I take all my actions very responsible!

Scammer/Trivial: If I were encountered with a scammer, I would make sure there is proof that he has been scamming, and people are starting complaining about it, I would take actions. Trivial bans are not my thing; everyone has their own personality if he isn't bothering the server I would leave him alone, I believe more members at TGP the better! We can grow together as friends and brothers!

Admins/mods improvement: Yes, admins and mods unquestionably make the server better, I have encountered a lot of during late-night where there is no admin on, people starting to abuse their mic and making people angry or mad. Conflicts make the members leave TGP, If those times that I was an admin, I would have told everyone to take it easy, and have saved a few new TGP members before they gotten scammed or into conflict with others.

Maintain and grow TGP: Yes absolutely, since when I first heard about TGP 5 months ago, I have spent every single day on here, I get on everyday to hang out with friends on here and see how everyone is doing. I don't trade a lot. I mainly just like to hang out here!!! And I will do everything I can to grow this beautiful community!

Time on: I have spent at least 4 hours on TGP every day for the past three months! I usually get on during night and late-night where there are no active admins on, that's why I feel we're missing a spot for me because I can cover late-night where there is usually no admins.

Information about myself: I live a LA, California, I love drawing, currently a college student, business major, owns a few online sites myself. And I love new friends, strangers are just friends you haven't met!

Thank you for your time, and have a fantastic day!


No this is possibly the worst application I have ever read, you have terrible grammar and obviously have no idea what you are doing. I've talked to you a few times on the server and it is painfully clear that you don't understand anything about trading. You do seem like you have some experience with admin roles but I wouldn't consider Roblox and online clothing stores real experience.

Just a little advise: www.grammarly.com