TheMustyPickle's [Cash Approved] tag Application


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1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for:
[Cash Approved]

2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?:
Would I to get this tag to add another trusted source for people to sell/buy through paypal because of its ease of access. With people in canada aswell I am able to use both bank transfers and crypto and have done deals through all three sources. I don't trade much for profit but am always looking to buy arcs through paypal/banktransfer due to the lack of limits unlike crypto

3. Post any credentials that can show why you deserve this tag.
Cash rep thread:

Reps are recent within 4 months totaling over $1700+ with only one rep not being on my thread but posted on his when he was selling his play skins through paypal;

4. Link your reputation thread? (only answer if applying for trading related tags) -