TGP Trade Server Tag Applications

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Apply for a tag by copying the template below and submitting it to the Tag Application Section!


1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for:

2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?:

3. Post any credentials that can show why you deserve this tag.

4. Link your reputation thread? (only answer if applying for trading related tags) -


TGP Trade Server Tags that are available to apply for:

TGP$Approved - You are a trusted member of the community. This group is recommended to all who want cash with an extremely LOW risk of being scammed.

[TGPPriceChecker] - You are an approved price checker by tgp. Help traders on the server easily figure out who price checks
  1. Case Hardened Price Checker​
  2. Float Price Checker​
  3. Sticker Price Checker​
  4. High Tier Price Checker​
  5. Low Tier Price Checker​

[Youtuber] - Let everyone know you are a famous youtuber!

[TwitchStreamer] - Let everyone know you are a famous twitch streamer!

[TGPYoutuber]/[TGPTwitchTV]/[TGPTeam] - Become an officially sponsored TGP Twitch Streamer / Youtuber / CSGO Competitive Players today!


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