Streqm's Cash Rep


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+rep, added $25 CDN cash to an item trade for his Awp Wildfire. He pulled up to my school to collect the cash and we did the trade there. Very sketch but 10/10 would do again


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+rep, bought out my $3500 USD inventory for E-Transfer, we did 3 payments. I went first. Seemed sketch at first but the deal went amazing and we were in call for 3 hours. Extremely chill guy, love to see genuine people in the community.
some items included are;
M9 Lore FN,
0.01 Deagle Blaze W/good pattern,
Hand Wraps Leather MW,
AK vulcan FN,
0.01 M4A1 Hot Rod,
USP Kill Confirmed FN,
0.21 Awp Asiimov FT,
SSG08 Blood In The water FN,
and 20 other cheaper items.


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+rep, bought $200 in buff balance for E-Transfer. I went first. Fast and amazing trader


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+rep, bought out my USD 900$ inventory for E-Transfer, I went first some items included were 0.15 BFK Boreal Forest FT, 0.46 Karambit Boreal Forest BS, Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT MW, AK-47 Jaguar FN, ST Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon FT, SG 553 Integrale BS, and 36 other items