Slimehero's Ban Appeal #2

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- Why were you banned?

I jokingly said "Come to room 2 if you want to get scammed" and then after being banned I immediately started to hurl insults to the admin who banned me on discord, causing me to be banned on the discord too and possibly having my ban extended (i'm not sure.)

- Why should you be unbanned?

It's important to state that I'm oftentimes not serious. Obviously what I said on the server was a joke but what I said afterward on the discord may not have been taken in that way. I truly apologize to Southern Trader. Often times my jokes are only funny to me or are only funny because of how far I take them, because of this I tend to take them way too far. I don't socialize outside of the internet at all and so I don't have social skills. Due to these two things I communicate with other people using often unfunny or ridiculous jokes, it's the only way I know how to make people at least notice me, even if it's negative attention.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?

I can try to tone it down with my humor.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?

It's not really about what I bring. I don't have money or skins right now to trade and people don't really like me very much. It's about what the server brings to me. It may seem pointless to care about a trade server if I'm not here to trade, and it may be. But for someone like me that socializes very little, any server I'm ever a part of is greatly important.

Thank you for at least reading this appeal, and again, I'm sorry.



Hello SlimeHero, to our knowledge you should be currently unbanned on the server.

You will be unbanned from the discord but a friendly reminder that this type of behaviour IS NOT tolerated.

If a situation like this happens again you will be permanently banned, take this as a final warning.
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