skash's Ban appeal


New member
- Why were you banned?

I was banned because I got auto-banned for being steam rep banned.

- Why should you be unbanned?
I was banned years ago on steam rep and I have appealed countless times on steam rep but they basically auto decline all appeals. I attempted to scam YEARS ago and did not even get away with it. I have not scammed since and I have a decent invetory. Not really looking for any cash trades but I want to do some skin trading. Obviously, I would always suggest a TRUSTED MM for any cash trades. Basically what I am saying is that I have some decent skins and I am definitely not looking to scam and I hope you guys can give me a shot. Or maybe give me a DWC tag on the server?

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?

Well I have not attempted to scam anyone in years and I have rep on other forums that I can show as proof that I changed my ways. I was 15 at the time. I am almost 20 now.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?

I love to trade and talk to people. I feel like I would fit right in.