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my name:


Hours in CS:GO:
Over 1,700 Hours

Previous Administrative Experience:
During previous employment, I handled Financial accounts with Toyota Financial Services. I had to apply extensions to accounts, change due dates, and provide information in regards to accounts based off of the required regulations.

Cash Rep/ TGP Cash Rep:
I have about $100-$300 in cash rep as of right now. I have been mostly containing my trades to skin for skin, but am working on extending my cash rep to higher values soon.

How you would handle a scammer:
The easiest and most fair way to handle a scamming accusation in to understand both sides of the disagreement and gather as much evidence as possible. Only with enough evidence can you make a informative decision as important as a ban.

Positives of Admins and Moderators on trade servers:
Enforcing the rules and ensuring that all members of the server currently on have a chance to advertise is important to the efficiency and smooth running of the trade server.

My contributions as an admin:
I can preform a variety of assistance to the TGP trade community such as middle manning trades, assisting in conflicts between members, regulation and enforcement of rules, and ensuring the efficient running of the TGP server.

My availability:
I am available for a large percentage of the day, due to my current employment status. While this may change in the future, I would be glad to assist whenever possible. I am also available on discord for almost anytime of the day as well, so even if I am not on the TGP trade server, I can be notified of situations and handle them once I am able to join the server.

About me:
I was a fairly prevalent trader back in 2017-2018. I understand the trade community and have always appreciated this side of the CS:GO player base. I always appreciate people trying to grow their business and entrepreneurial knowledge, while practicing safe precautions against scamming. I have been studying computer technology, both software and hardware, for the good part of 3 years.

Servers I'm Applying To:
CS:GO TGP Trade Server
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+rep a kind and great trader at all,the only but i would put is his low cashrep but knowing how we trades like and who is him,is a good candidate to apply for admin