Reztier Ban Appeal


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Hello! To request a ban appeal use the formats below. Make sure to have your steam profile you were banned on attached to your forum account.

Thank you!

Title: [Reztier]'s Ban Appeal

Body: (Copy the below questions, paste and answer them in your thread)

- Why were you banned?

Hello, I got banned for posting a discord link in chat. I was in a private room talking with 5 other people and they wanted to join my discord. I posted it thinking that if I'm in a private room only people in the room will see it and did not realize that the whole server was exposed to my link.

- Why should you be unbanned?

I feel I should be unbanned because it was an honest mistake, I wanted to do something fun for people on the server and I just wanted to give back. Also, it was a permanent ban because I had my profile private and seem "sketchy" so now it's public.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?

Never to post a URL in the chat, and always keep profile/inventory public

- What qualities do you bring to our group?

the qualities I bring to the group is I interact with the community, I make good with other individuals on the server.