Pakzl Ban Appeal</3


New member

-q Why were you banned?
a. I was perm banned for *false offers* on a item i had.

- Why should you be unbanned?
a. I feel as I should be unbanned because the reason I was banned was because I had said someone made a offer on a item I had on a discord server completely unrelated to the server and someone on TGP who was on the same discord trading server saw that I said that and sent it to a admin after calling me out in chat after seeing me. and I was banned because I had no proof of the offer I said I received, but the only reason i had said i had this offer was because it was pesty annoying kids tryna flex so i said i had a higher offer i wasnt trying to get someone to bid higher on one of my items or anything. In the time i was on TGP when i would advertise my item i would always say "(H) Knife | (W) Knife around 400-450$" its not like i would ever say "highest big 450" i would just say the price range of item i was looking for

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
a. I can 100% prevent this from happening again because i now understand how serious fake offers are even if your joking around about it or if its in a place that you think does not matter because it can always come back to get you.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
a. Some of the best qualities i bring to TGP are how friendly i am to everyone and i am always respectful and helpful. in the time before i was banned i had made many friends and im sure if i get unbanned they will be happy to see me again after i learned my lesson.

Thank you for taking the time to read this<3
stay clean!



Hey man. I see that your ban is pretty recent as about 1 month ago. To clarify I don't have a foundation of knowledge on the advantage this fake co gave you. But I assume a month's worth break is representative of proper punishment. Id love to see you back on the server. I'll speak with other admins and see what we can do.

Dr. Awptism

Head Administrator
I already talked with soolpa the one who banned him and I talked with this guy for multiple hours and as of now, you will not be getting unbanned.