Oppysez [Cash Approved] tag application


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1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for:

[Cash Approved]

2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?:

First of all, trading knowledge. I've been a member of the trading community since 2015, and I've never been scammed, so I know my way around trading and can easily recognize a scam. In addition to helping people recognize and avoid potential scams, and since I'm more of a collector, I'm always interested in acquiring new and unique skins, and I can make sure they get to a good home for a fair price, instead of people having to shop around and potentially exposing themselves to lowballers or scammers, who may take advantage of the difference in trading knowledge and experience. And finally, I just want to be a more active member of the trading community. By expanding my payment methods, I can with greater ease find the deals and skins I want, and bring some extra trading volume to the server. I feel like even seeing fancy trades show up in the chat on TGP can boost morale for everyone on the server.

3. Post any credentials that can show why you deserve this tag.

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Nearing $1,000 worth of verified paypal transactions spanning over a year, all gone off without a hitch on either end

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4. Link your reputation thread? (only answer if applying for trading related tags) -

Linked above also, but My SteamRep and My TGP CashRep