Nags Ban Appeal


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- Why were you banned?
I believe I was banned for logging in on alts whilst banned

- Why should you be unbanned?
Well the first thing is that I am not even Vlad Owns alt. People think I am but I am not. People can go in a call with me and him at the same time and hear we are different people. He blocked me but still, I am not his alt. Check the ip + device from the server and you can see , I am willing to prove this by any means necessary

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
By not lying to staff in the first place

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
I actively look for good trades. I really want to trade more but I am limited. I did sell some items to monsterpanda for 1.2k ethereum but he can't leave me reputation also.
I posted screenshots of him admitting he is vlad posted in Admin radar and general chat. He was getting on an this alt while banned on his main for being toxic.


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Just because I said that doesn't mean i was being for real. I went into a call with Monsterpanda so he could hear my voice. Vlad is like russian or eastern european. I am british

You can also check the ip + HWID of my account when i logged into the server and vlads.

Again, just cause i said that doesn't mean i was being fr. Legit ask monsterpanda, cuz he wanted to prove if i was him himself, or just check the HWID/IP of me and vlad. Ill even go in a call with you. everyone who has heard vlad knows he is a russian/eastern european with a heavy accent. I am as british as someones voice could be XD


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From me it’s a no.
Again, feel free to ask Monsterpanda for his opinion. I went into a call with him, he could hear that I am not vlad, i have a different accent, different voice different everything. Just cause I WAS friends with him doesn't mean I am. I met the guy in ESEA, and he told me to say i was you, and i didnt see anything bad to come out of it. But now I actually WANT to trade, because of that retard vlad i am banned. Please just check HWID + IP , i will happily go in a call or whatever. I will prove that im not him in anyway shape or form that you request @Ididntoucher @TVirus @MonsterPandaz