Mustached's Cash Reputation Thread


+rep sold him my ak vulcan ft 0.16, 48$ cash via zelle, he went second. trustable, instant transaction. thanks!


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+rep he prebought my awp wildfire.desert eagle conspiracy,and a st awp st atheris for 82.5eth!super smooth and fast trusted!


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+rep Sold him my AK Redline 4x IBuyPower Dreamhack 2014 FT .19 for $60, via Zelle. I went first and he paid $52 upfront and the remaining $8 later. Very efficient and polite trader.


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+rep Going though some stuff right now and he bought my inventory for 100$ venmo fast and easy. nice guy. helped explain everything and accepted after i got the money.


Hello Mustached! You have been selected for a random investigation!

I am going to need proof of the recent trade with "ThatCowHugger" as seen above

Please contact me on discord or steam to get this verified. Thank you

Cash Rep verified as of 7/30/2020
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