Lasook Admin application


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Online Name (you can include your first real name as well) - Lasook (medic hat salesman)

Age - 18

How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - around 2 years of being in and out of trade servers

How many hours do you have in the game(s) you're applying to (CSGO/TF2)? - around 1,500 hours almost all is trading on servers

Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - I've been a mod on 2 zombie speed run discord servers max of 30 people

Do you have a reputation thread? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - not that I know of

When you are encountered with a scammer and you don't have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? - place a temp ban on the scammer (around 1-3 hours) to avoid any more scams or issues, then discuss the issue with other admins and peers

What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers? - adding a role for bug testing on new addons to the server and the discord addons so members don't run into bugs as often

What will you do to maintain and grow the group/servers? - I would spread the word around that TGP is back as well as provide helpful ideas on how to grow and how to make the discord and form more well know

What will you bring to benefit our group/servers? - Moderation, play testing, and a extra hand in almost any matters

What time are you usually on? - I'm on from 7am-11pm MT (can change due to medical appointment and life)

Give us a little information about yourself (Minimal, Don't dox yourself) - I'm a guy who enjoys helping other's and talking to fellow traders also I'm addicted to medic hats

Which server(s) are you applying to? - TGP unusual trade server

Any current admins are you familiar with? - Crust and T-Virus
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Could you answer a question I haven't added to the application yet?

Will you be able to coordinate with TVirus and other admins to hold events on the server? Yes / No?