ItzDelta Cash Rep


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+rep sold him Awp Redline FT with NIP Katowice 2014 holo, Ak-47 blue lam factory new with 4 nip katowice 2015 non holo, m4a4 desolate space mw, glock water elemental ft, all together bundle deal for $50, he paid through zelle and I went first!


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+rep Pre-soldt Gut knife fade FN 99% fade and USP-S Orion FN for $115 Total, he paid through zelle


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+rep Sold basically whole inventory for $231.70 Zelle colony IV FT, phantom disruptor FT, antique MW nova , spectre FN , highway FT, Tranquility MW, bloom stick mw, lion fish ft , man o war mw , golden koi fn , shapewood bs, bloodsport ft , high roller ft , cold blooded fn , ump blaze FN , marina mw , judgement of anubis FT , hot rod mp9 FN , wingshot FT, nemesis FN , hemoglobin MW , muertos FT, red astor MW, furiaa holo sicker, blue lam ft w/ ldlc sticker , m4 nightmare FT , stalker FT , ST MW hellfire , code red FT , incinegator FT , nebula crusader FT , loudmouth FT , high seas MW , BS chatterbox, roll cage WW , ST MW arctic wolf , FT bloodsport , mw fuel injector, vici holo. I went first and he sent me it after


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+rep Pre-sold Huntsman Damascus WW, ST AWP boom .09 MW, AK Vulcan WW, Usp-s Orion FN, AK Point disarray FT, Glock water elemental MW, Glock bullet queen BS, AWP elite build MW, AWP corticera FT, and AUG Bengal tiger MW, All together as a bundle for $180 zelle, I went second.