I am bald rice and I am kewl

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Bald Rice

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Online Name (you can include your first real name as well) - Bald Rice

Age - 20

How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - 2 years

How many hours do you have in the game(s) you're applying to (CSGO/TF2)? - 1,700 hours ( some accidentally afk'd in main menu)
Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - Yes, I ran 2 runescape clans both getting the max player count and 2 discord servers with over 400 players.

Do you have a reputation thread? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - idk what this is

When you are encountered with a scammer and you dont have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? - if I know theyre a scammer ill just temp ban them until a better conclusion is met. Ideally, 4 hours.

What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers? - MGE needs to work better and the texture for the water/ice needs to improve. On top of that, the "gru" chairs should actually be able to be sat in, either with an invisible wall to stand on and do a bongo taunt or whatever.

What will you do to maintain and grow the group/servers? - I will simply do the job of an admin.

What will you bring to benefit our group/servers? - For one im cool as hell and wont abuse my powers, in fact. Dont give me any. Just give me mute/ban privlages and ill do the work necessary. I most likely wont be on unless the server actually gets big.

What time are you usually on? - 6 hours a day from 3pm - 2 am mountain standard.

Give us a little information about yourself (Minimal, Don't dox yourself) - I'm a gamer.

Which server(s) are you applying to? - just this one, I want to help grow the server and give it constructive criticism.
Any current admins are you familiar with? - Virus.
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