Fox's Admin Application (Not the same Fox from a previous application)


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Joey H.
I am 18 years of age.
How long have you been trading?
I have been trading since mid 2016, which is roughly 4 1/2 years.
How many hours do you have in CS:GO?
I have over 2,500 hours played in CS:GO.
Do you have any previous moderator/admin experience?
Yes, I am an ex-Admin for TGP, as well as an ex-Admin for the PlatinumGaming trading network. I was an admin for PG from the creation of the server to the day of it's closing.
Do you have a reputation thread?
No, I have only recently gotten back into trading.
When you are encountered with a scammer and you don't have enough info. how will you best go about dealing with this?
In the case of scamming accusations, I would want to hear from both parties about the situation if there is no solid evidence for either side. If no resolution is met using solid evidence, I would remember the two names involved in the conflict, report them to the owner/head-admin of the server, and make sure no items have been lost/stolen.
What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers?
I believe a key aspect the staff of the trade server could touch on is activity. I believe having at least one member who could be reliable in a time when others are unavailable to keep an eye on the server is most effective. When shady/bad things occur without the presence of a staff member/admin, others who are present for the situation won't always report their sightings to other staff members.
What will you do to help maintain and grow the group/servers?
When it comes to maintaining the server, making sure all the rules are in place will help everybody who is interested in trading feel welcomed and relaxed in the server. Staying active and not abusing powers will make past members of the server feel welcomed to come back and enjoy a happy/safe trading environment. To help the servers grow I will direct any new player interested in trading towards the server, as it is/should be the easiest place for new players to learn from others and feel inclined to start their trading experience the right way. I will also answer any questions that players ask to the best of my ability.
What will you bring to benefit our groups/servers?
I will bring all of my knowledge and past administrator experience to help benefit the server. I will try my hardest to be active and effective in my administrator role, while also helping those who need it with any problem/question they need addressed. I'll try to keep smiles on everyone's faces no matter who bad of a situation we are thrown into, and I will make all players feel safe from scammers on server grounds.
What time are you usually on?
I am usually on between 3 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time on weekdays, and I am on between 10 AM and 10 PM on weekends.
Give us a little information about yourself.
I am a young adult who loves to play video games with as little stress as possible. I have a full-time job ahead of me, and I will not be attending college. I live near the Chicago area and have experienced many things growing up that have caused me to have a positive outlook on life. During my time in middle school, a good friend introduced Counter-Strike to me, and I was hooked the day I clicked download. My love for video games comes from my brother who, at the time, was my biggest idol. I love all animals, however I prefer cats over dogs. In terms of politics, I try to keep most of it out of my life, as politics only seem to bring the worst out in people. Lastly, I have a older PC with only a GTX 970 inside, but is has done the trick over all these years. Overall, I am a guy who wants the best for everyone as long as they deserve the best.
Which server(s) are you applying to?
I am applying for only one server, which is the trade server.
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