Epsilon-11/Krabby Patty's administrator application


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My name is Brian, but people know me as Krabby Patty or (more commonly now) Epsilon-11

I am 19 years old.

I've been on and off of trading, for a precise time I started around 1 1/2 years ago to now where I am consistently on trade servers.

I have 4.6k hours in CS:GO

Yes I do have previous admin experience, I was a higher level Admin for War3Evolution at the time it was around a few years ago. I had been staff for a few years and eventually became an Admin level 50 which was a higher status of administrator. When accepted you start as a junior mod and I did as everyone else did. For those years I built myself up to a high ranking admin and spend a lot of time on that server.

For backpack.tf yes I do, I have a decent amount of +rep. For a link you may ask or look mine up because I don't want to post links here.

When I encounter a scammer, if they use a default method and make it easy, I will block them and report them on steam. But people should be innocent until proven guilty, if someone seems suspicious when I am talking to someone, I ask if we trade if it will be a simple steam offer with no external sites. If they try to pull anything like links to unknown sites or try to get me to do stuff that is not agreed upon then they are scamming. If someone is scamming on the discord or servers I will let anyone with a higher status than me know with evidence so they can deal with them appropriately.

Admins/Moderators can improve the server by keeping order. As all servers do, we have rules we would like everyone to follow, and when people do not there needs to be enforcement because if there isn't then it will just be anarchy. I've seen how servers with a lot of people and no staff on just fall apart, with micspammers, any rulebreakers, etc, it is a mess. Staff helps with keeping order on a server.

What I can do to maintain them is come on to make sure everything is in check. I will also be watching over anything in the discord that seems out of order and dealing with rulebreakers on a server accordingly. Being inside of the group helps as it brings in more members.

What I will bring to the servers is my commitment to them and being a staff I will help rule enforcement. Even if not a staff people should try to follow rules, and I will do so as anyone should regardless of my position. I play on servers a lot so I will be on pretty actively. I have almost 10k hours now in TF2 so I spend a lot of time on this game.

The times I am usually on are at night, from dusk to am hours, so around 5 pm to any given am hour.

I live in the U.S, speak English fluently, I love Team Fortress 2, I love to play CSGO, and I am in college currently. I am very chill and a nice person and are able to deal with a lot of people with patience.

I am applying for TGP's Team Fortress 2 trade unusual server.

Yes, I am friends with T-Virus and Gourd MeanMann, and doughboii.
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