Entire Server Glitched


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Hi there.
I first joined the TGP server ( a few months ago. There were around 50 people online but the only chat I could see were the [TGP] server infos (e.g. If you enjoy our server...). There was also no one talking on mic. After a while I left. This repeated every time I joined with me not being able to hear or see anyone's chat. Weirdly though, on my 3rd time joining I could hear one admin and one VIP on mic, though I still couldnt see any other chat. I added both and explained my situation and neither knew anything to help.

Voice_enable 1 is on, I have verified game cache multiple times, and on my last trip here, today, I was able to hear 2 different people on the server but no one else.

Please help me, I want to be able to trade.


(I also couldn't find a thread to report bugs so its here, sorry if this is the wrong place)


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Btw I have never been banned, muted, gagged or anything on this server before, never even joined before a few months ago. I got my friend to join on his computer and he could see and hear everything so I am genuinely missing something.

I have confirmation from him that he can see and hear my messages on mic and in the server even if I can't hear replies
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