Csgo 420's ban appeal

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Title: [Csgo_420]'s Ban Appeal

Example: T-Virus' Ban Appeal

Body: (i am a csgo trader i was 12 at the time of this ban and i am sorry for my poor actions on this server.

- I was banned because i was using a hack so i can strafe and i used aimbot in the arena.

- I will never hack again becuse the account i got banned on got vac banned and it had some good skins on it.

- By being a legit player and never using 3rd party cheats to have a advantage.

- I am a nice and kind person and will never use hacks again in my life and i like trading.


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here is the main account that got fished and vac banned
Steam IDSTEAM_0:1:530533526
Steam3 ID[U:1:1061067053]
Steam Community76561199021332781
Invoked on02-07-20 02:29
Expires onNot applicable.
Banned by AdminAdministrator
Banned fromWeb Ban
Total BansNo previous bans
Blocked (1)Csgo 420
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