Chards' Cashrep Thread


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+rep sold my inventory at the time (bayonet ff&i + smalls) for $750ish went first smooth deal

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+Rep Bought 200$ worth of BTC for 206$ bank transfer he went first! Fast and smooth :)
+rep Bought 2x Cologne Dig Holos for $560 Usd via Bitcoin, I went first and everything was smooth. I do recommend this guy, Chards for any Crypto Trades! He is very patient and chill when btc transactions are processing. Cheers, my Friend!


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+rep sold me his ugly fucking chode knife navaja ultraviolet statrack harrassed him to add and he did he is also my boyfriend so whoever fucks with him gets there ass gaped. also payed 80 btc


+rep, He bought a $130 item from buff for me and patiently waited the trade locked time before receiving the amount in ETH. Huge vouch, thanks <3


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+rep, Sold my butterfly for ETH $227 I went first and he sent right after, even helped me set up a crypto account!!