Berkhan Ban Appeal


New member
Why were you banned?
I was banned from something in 2017, nearly 5 years ago, "sharking", I was 12 years old and would typically trade case hardeneds, so at the time I would over price ALL of my case hardened's, and sometimes people would offer items of much more value, It never was something intentional, like i did not seek to do this, i simply would buy case hardeneds with Blue on them and trade them, usually get price checks before to see how many keys over they were based on the blue, I'm completely willing to show trade logs too, this was ages ago and I remember it.

In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
rather than trading with people knowing that I will profit, I will make sure to ask the person if they are sure they are willing to overpay that much, once again, I do apologize, nothing was ever intentional, you can check my steam I've done over 7k+ trades and have plenty of vouches from back in the day.

What qualities do you bring to our group?
I am a passionate trader, I've been collecting over the past 5 years I haven't been trading, own a few case hardeneds, the #20 M9 in the world, and plenty of kato skins that I've held in storage units over the past few years. I do once again deeply apologize for my actions, and I hope to be back on this server! Thanks for your time! :)

My Discords - berkhan#4577 if you wanna lmk I've been unbanned, btw ty Spanky & Jafar for helping me find the ban