Benji's Admin application


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Hello my name is Benji, my steam name is ベンジ, and my age is 13

I have been trading for a little while now, id say around 7-9 months now, all on the great server of TGP.
On CS:GO i have 5396 hours. and 6 years of experience
Yes, I am a moderator on The community known as Swoobles! There they have admins in tiers 1 being lowest 4 being full power, i myself am a level 3 admin with ban powers and a solid reputation.
Yes indeed i do, ->reputation thread link<-
As I am a mod on a server that is not a trading server, i have not really dealt with scams, but here is my best shot.
First. address the situation, see whats going on and as the person why they think they are getting scammed.
second. I will check the sources that the person accusing is giving to me, to check and make sure that they are legit websites.
Third. I will get many trusted opinions on the situation and if any admins are on i will get a collective vote so its not biased.
fourth. Take action according to the answer, if it is a scam, report the person to higher level administrators so they know of the situation and if i don't have the power, they can deal the punishment. If they are not scamming, inform the person that it is a legit trading site and that there is nothing to worry about.
I tend to see a lot of times where an admin might be in a room or might be afk so when someone is mic spamming or so they will not be able to handle it at the time, This of course would mean that admins should be more aware of what is going on, If they are making a trade or something its not their fault, and if they are afk, then they are probably doing something impo+rtant outside of CS:GO so no biggy. To sum it up, Just be quicker to deal needed help and punishments.
I tend to see over all the different CS:GO servers that i play that the community can end up being toxic, while a little friendly banter isn't much, it be nice to take out more of the full on Toxicity and possible hate that might be shown between people.
I like to think of myself as a pretty fun guy to be around, I don't really see a need for pointless arguments that don't end up anywhere so I would try to keep a positive attitude and I know when to deal punishments. With Swoobles, They like admins/mods to stay pretty active not only on the game, but also on the forums. I have a lot of experience on forums and I can enjoy making forum thread/posts.
I am normally on from 2-3pm to 2-4am Eastern, every day. I spend a good amount of this time on CS:GO hoping around from server to server to have a good time.
I don't know what to say on this, I like to have a good time, I like to think of myself as the guy that you can talk to for a while and just keep a conversation with, I enjoy seeing the different lives of people and all the stories that come from them. As of hobbies, I like photography and Love the view of the city. I think i'm a chill guy and would like to get to know and help the server a little more
I am applying to TGP's Trading server, I've played if for a little while now, i like it, and i want to help out and see what i can bring to the table.
If I need to be contacted I am always able to be contacted on discord (ベンジ#6276). I'd love to learn more about the server, what goes on, the people, the staff, it all pretty much, Come talk to me anytime.