Banned For Stuttering


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My friend whet out of a trading room and stuttered on mid tier knives in game chat one of the admins mocked him. Then a few seconds later he stuttered on his words then my friend mocked him right away he banned him. The admin said he didnt permaban him but I checked on the website and it said he is permabanned just for doing somthing that the admin did to him. His name is the TheDarkPlays his steam id is (thedarkplayzz). But after my friend got banned I tried to back him up by saying that wasnt right and stuff (not one cuss word said by both of us) . Then he banned me for backing him up. It said we got banned for chat/mic spam when we both only talked once. Even the people in server were shocked he got banned again he told the people in the server that he wasnt perabanned and we checked and he was. Anyways after I backed my friend up I got banned too. Anyways I think thats not fair how we both get banned of something the admin did first, thank you for your time.

-I should be unbanned because I dont think it was fair when I was only trying to trade my banned when I was advertising when I stuttered. He moched me I feel that I shouldnt be moched and banned for stuttering.