Ban Appeal


New member
Why were you banned? - One of the other players on the server leaked an admin's name, city where he lived, his family member's names, and that he recently moved. I mistakingly asked him how the move had been and how his mother was doing. As a result I was banned.

Why should I be unbanned? - The incident occurred 8 months ago so i've had a lot of time to reflect on what I did and I now realize that it was messed up to be talking about his personal life. It was also in a trading room so no one else on the server could hear what I was saying, only him.

I can prevent my previous actions by not talking about the personal information of an admin, even if it is only him who can hear what I am saying.

The qualities I bring to the server are I offer good deals to people because I personally do not trade for profit. I trade for items that I like and as long as I'm not losing too much money and I'm getting an item I like I'm happy trading