Ban Appeal


New member
- Why were you banned? I dont really know, i left the sever for a few days and came back and when trying to reconnect through the ip it just said that i was banned by the server. Not really sure why i keep getting banned when i hop off the server when im not even online. Also for a second time my ban isnt even on the ban list section of the website, so i dont really know if it was justified for me making mistake some how but ok. ive been banned twice with no reason, not online and not even on the ban list to tell me what the reason would be.

- Why should you be unbanned? At this point i dont know it just sort of seems like im just gonna get banned again while not even online, i come on the server to trade and after a few days im just banned? this is the second time so i dont know how this is happening but please fix

- What qualities do you bring to our group? Not much now just causing a hastle to get unbanned for doing nothing and not even online

my steam id is