Application for trade server

lil kritler

New member
Name (First only is OK) - Felipe

Age - 24

How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) -10 to 11 years

How many hours do you have in TF2? - 1700 hours

Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - I was admin for whitewall trade server and NeonHights back in 2014 - 2015

Do you have a reputation thread? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) -

When you are encountered with a scammer and you don't have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? -
-I would separate both parties and question them on what happened
-See if any bystanders have any info
-Check the rep of the parties involved
-Assess all the info and and make a judgement based on evidence

What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers? -
-Be enjoyable to keep server happy and full
-Follow and enforce server rules
-Help players to enjoy their trading experience
-Be available to middleman when requested
-Help admins/owner in keeping the server healthy

What will you do to maintain and grow the group/servers? -
-Provide guidance when I can to traders
-Keep the server toxic-free
-Be on the server daily and be able to log in at a moments notice

What will you bring to benefit our group/servers? -
-The yearn to move TF2 trading in the right direction again
-Swift and fair punishments when rules are broken
-Many years of trading experience
-Availability nearly everyday of the year

What time are you usually on? -
-Usually around noon

Give us a little information about yourself -Started playing TF2 on the orange box when it came out and started trading in 2010. Was there when the meme " remember when keys were 2.33" was actually reality. was friends with big traders at the time (&, NeonHights, Bobsplosion). Just loves playing this game because you don't stop playing TF2, you just take breaks. And even if I don't get selected you'll be seeing me a lot on the server.

Which server(s) are you applying to? - TF2 Unusual Paradise