Anime Cat's Application For Csgo Trading Server

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Anime Cat

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Name - Lorenzo (Anime Cat)

Age - 14

How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - I have been trading for nearly a year now

How many hours do you have in CS:GO? - 601.2 hours

Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - I have been admin on many discord servers but not csgo servers

Do you have a reputation thread? - No sorry

When you are encountered with a scammer and you dont have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? - I would make sure he's inv isn't private and I would check to see if his +rep comments on his profile aren't bots.

What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers? - They can improve the server by making sure people are following the rules. And possibly banning them if they keep on disregarding the rules.

What will you do to maintain and grow the group/servers? - I will share the server with friends and be friendly to people on the server.

What will you bring to benefit our group/servers? - Make sure people are enjoying the server and not to make it boring.

What time are you usually on? - I am usually on nearly every day mon to friday- 3:00PM to 6:00PM AEST and sat to sun - 10:00AM to 6:00PM AEST (This is just a bad average)

Give us a little information about yourself - My usename is Anime Cat, I obviously like anime and cats, I love playing csgo and games in general and TGP is my favourite csgo server.

Which server(s) are you applying to? - Csgo Trading Server
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