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Chocolate Chip

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Name-(first only is ok)- Codi

(About me)- How long have you been playing cs:go?, I've been playing Counter strike for about 1 year now.

- How long have you been trading?, I've been trading for 9 months.-

do you have moderator or admin experience?, i was an admin for Modgeys mainland a rust server for 2 years and took a brake from rust and played cs and fell in love with the game.-

Have you ever had experience with a scammer?, During my 9 months of trading i have encountered a few scammers and i had allways found out the scam and never lost my itoms.-

Why did you start collecting skins?, I came from rust whitch had a big market for trading but once i found out about ca:go i sold all my skins to invest in CS I wasn't in it for the money but for, how cool cs skins where compared to diffrent games.

What time zone are you in? I am in Eastern Daylight Time.

How could you help the TGP server? like i said i was a rust admin for quite a long time and enjoy being an admin I also spend most of my time on the TGP server and think i could put it to good use.

Give us a little info about yourself- out side of CS i work for my fathers company and enjoy it, i also enjoy riding Motercross, and Golf whitch are my favorite things, Im from WV and enjoy hunting and fishing, hobbies are speed cube, and i am quite good at balasongs or butterfly knife.

Which server(s) are you applying to? - TGP CSGO Trader server

Thanks For Reading,
Chocolate Chip


haven't seen you, you seem very young, you should wait a bit before applying, stay active to show dedication to tgp! Good luck for future references.