Admin Application - Dylan


New member
Hi I'm Dylan, I'm 16.

I've been trading for roughly 3 years.

I have roughly 760 hours in csgo and 1,070 in TF2.

I do not have experience.

I do not have a rep page aside from and my steam comments

When dealing with scammers the best way to deal with them is to simply not to. Scammers should be blocked and if on a server banned.

As I am applying for tf2 admin I thin kthe best way to maintain the server it to regular the rules and enforce them. I.e. no scamming, nsfw, moderating adverts, making sure players are happy with the server etc.

As I am decently well known in the trade scene I can help players find the server and trade there, I can also be of assistance with new players looking to get into trading.

What I bring to the server is a bright, young, charismatic, and helpful moderator and or admin to the server.

I'm usually on most days after 4.

As said before my name's Dylan, I am a junior in high school, I like computer science, trading, and frogs.

I am applying to the TF2 server.

Sincerely, Dylan.