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    Keanu Reeves Ban Appeal

    Ok :)
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    Keanu Reeves Ban Appeal

    Man, fuck TGP and fuck t-virus, this is a super fucking toxic server full of sharks and scammers, and if you get banned you can PAY (yes PAY) to get unbanned, t-virus is a money driven guy, if he got payed enough that cunt would let a scammer back on the fucking server, I always support TGP...
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    Keanu Reeves Ban Appeal

    Hi, keanu reeves here I have recently been banned for repetitively been asking People if i am allowed to trade my Amazon balance for crypto. I have realized what i did was wrong because I was asking if i could trade a non CSGO related product. I will fix my mistakes by just advertising CSGO...
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    Keanu Reeves

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