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Bought $39 Worth of Buff Bal, I went first, everything went fast and fair. Thank you!
Sold my Cobalt Skull and Awp Asiimov and went first/ Quick and simple love doing business!
Sold a M9 stained and went first. Quick and fair loved doing business with him.
Yo, im a low tier trader kinda new to TGP. I'm liking it so far, so we will see where this goes.
+rep sold fire serp .19 ft and random SV for 490 zelle. He went first and eveything was fast and efficient!
Don't know who this guy is or why he posted on my thread, but he said I tried to scam him... don't go around saying people tried to scam you when you are lying nor have any proof. Never met this kid or traded with him ever, nor did I ever attempt to trade with him. His post has since been deleted, not sure who deleted it but it's gone now. If any admin needs proof I have a screen shot of it that I got emailed to me.