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  • izielinski
    izielinski replied to the thread Csgo 420's ban appeal.
    Please unban me i did not mean to do what i did i was only 12 when i used autostrafe i am sorry.
  • xDeceit
    xDeceit replied to the thread Perfects's Cash Rep.
    +Rep bought 1075 RMB worth of buff bal, I went first. Via etransfer, deal went easy and smooth
  • hisoka
    hisoka replied to the thread ChrisT-K-'s Cash Reputation.
    +rep bought his mw classic knife slaughter, howl pin, ak legion of anubis mw, howl patch, crown patch, usp kill confirmed ft, st awp...
  • Huntr
    Huntr replied to the thread Kill3r Cash Reputation.
    +rep Bought Bowie Tiger Tooth for $125 via venmo, I went first.
  • m4rch
    m4rch replied to the thread Spanky's Cash Reputation.
    This guy wouldn't stop talking about his dog's sweaty juicy balls, finally got him to trade. +Rep sold him my Karambit Boreal Forest FT...
  • Past
    Past replied to the thread super's CashRep.
    +rep I sold him 1500 rmb through zelle, he went first.
  • green
    green replied to the thread Huntrs Cash Rep.
    zzz +rep bought m9 $144 cash he went first zzz
  • ItzDelta
    ItzDelta replied to the thread Zyn's TGP CashRep.
    +rep sold him an ursus forest ddpat mw .08 for $80 zelle, I went first and he sent a second later, very good guy!
  • Darksi
    Darksi replied to the thread past's cash rep.
    +rep sold him 1552.5 BuffBal via Paypal, he went first!
  • B
    black_diamonds replied to the thread EnjoyFIsh's Cash Rep.
    +rep bought my five seven tier 2 for 15 bucks on cashapp, I went first, very fast.
  • AtomicCoconuts
    AtomicCoconuts reacted to TVirus's post in the thread PeepWae Cashrep with Sad Sad.
    LOCKED THREAD: Under investigation
    TESLA replied to the thread Xzyro's Rep Thread.
    +rep Bought his King Snakes for PayPal. He went first. Friendy Dude
  • Xzyro
    Xzyro replied to the thread TESLA's Rep Thread.
    +rep Sold him my King Snakes for PayPal. I went first
  • Xzyro
    | steamname: Xzyro | steam3ID: [U:1:485942231] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:242971115 | steamID64...
  • Perfect
    Perfect replied to the thread xDeceit's Cash Rep.
    +Rep sold 1075 RMB worth of buff bal, he went first. VIA E-transfer. Deal went fast and easy