Trips Mod application


New member
Online Name (you can include your first real name as well) - Trip -

Age - 21

How long have you been trading? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - since 2014

How many hours do you have in the game(s) you're applying to (CSGO/TF2)? -2k

Do you have previous moderator/admin experience? - nope

Do you have a reputation thread? (Only answer if applying for Trade servers) - ?

When you are encountered with a scammer and you dont have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? - ion got enough info so nothing atm untill i get more info

What do you think Admins/Mods can improve on in the group/servers? - not power tripping

What will you do to maintain and grow the group/servers? - be cool and be a NORMAL PERSON and people will like u lol

What will you bring to benefit our group/servers? - i know a lot of people and LOVE GAMBLING

Will you be able to coordinate with TVirus and other admins to hold events on the server? - ye

What time are you usually on? - afternoons -weekdays -weekends- always

Give us a little information about yourself (Minimal, Don't dox yourself) - ima med student in a med field and from cali

Which server(s) are you applying to? - TGP Trade tf2

Any current admins are you familiar with? -litterally all of em