TGP Trade Server Rules

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Here is the set of rules we follow on the trade server! These rules are subject to change.

1. English should be the only language spoken and used in the public voice area.
2. Respect all Players and admins.
3. Scamming, attempts of scamming, and any along those lines will not be tolerated.
4. Begging is not allowed on the server.
5. Ads are top priority above other topics of voice chat. Do not interrupt others while they do their ads.
6. No advertising external gambling/betting sites.
7. Private profile/inventories are not allowed.
8. You are required to have a TGP cash rep to cash-trade and have the thread linked on your steam profile.
9. Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.
10. Aiding or encouraging rule-breaking is strictly prohibited.
11. Voice and Text Chat spam is strictly prohibited.
12. Any attempt to disrupt or harm the server is strictly prohibited.
13. No self-advertising of any form. This includes but is not limited to links for twitch streams, discord servers, and youtube channels (unless you are VIP+ or above).
14. No promoting religious or political content.
15. Malicious links, link shorteners, and mass link spam is strictly prohibited.
16. Don't have disrespectful/ inappropriate usernames or profile pictures /or personal information related to other users.
17. Do not attempt to impersonate staff or any other players on the server.
18. Any form of racism is not allowed on the server.
19. All scam/shark situations are to be handled with an admin and not blasted in voice/text chat.
20. False scam/shark accusations without evidence will result in punishment.
21. No buying/selling of accounts.
22. Fake or troll advertisements are not allowed.
23. Copying or double posting someone's ad is prohibited in discord or on the server.
24. Alternate accounts are strictly prohibited.
25. Making false admin reports through !calladmin will result in a punishment.
26. Use common sense to the best of your ability.
27. Using hacks/cheats or doxing personal information will result in a permanent ban.
28. Words from admins, head admins, are final.
29. For scam reports, please go to this link
30. For ban appeals, please go to this link
31. Someone breaking a rule? Do !calladmin in game or make a report in the #report-someone channel.
32. Only Admins are allowed to middleman.
33. TGP is not responsible if you are scammed, ask people in the server if someone is trustworthy before you proceed with a deal (or middleman). Always check their cash rep and status to make sure they are legit!
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