TF2 Unusual Server Suggestions

I feel that some good additions to the TF2 server would be:
-Adding commands such as !discord !forums !vip / !donator
-Giving VIPs the option to pick specific things to resize on their body, such as !resize torso and !resize head as well as giving them the option to choose what size it will be.
-Giving VIPs a special menu that lets them do VIP only commands such as No Fall Damage, Timebomb, and other fun stuff like that.
-Adding a daylight function to the map, whether a teleporter to another area of the map which is built the same but has daylight, or something like that.
-Faster ammo and health kit respawns in Sniper Duel
-Supply Cabinet rooms in Heavy Boxing
-No name tags in the ring in Heavy Boxing
-No collisions outside of the ring in Heavy Boxing
-A way to limit how many players are allowed inside the ring inside of Heavy Boxing
-A sound system in Heavy Boxing that can play countdown, bell, and musical ques.