Suggestion Role


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I want to be a spycrab middleman, let me explain. the first reason is that, 1. it's a nice server, with people like raddad, scharty, den_ur, solid and more! 2: I genuinely love watching spycrabs play out, the thrill of rootin for someone, then the person that a darn rooted for won. the problem is, well, everyone is scared of betting unusuals because everyone thinks they're going to get scammed! 3. this is my go-to unusual/low-tier server, this is honestly where I win the most profit, with things like spycrab, betting on MGE games, and other forms of having fun. don't have to add me to this role, but I'm just suggesting this type of role, would be cool if I had a role like this though!


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Something like this would be cool, maybe not specifically for crabbing. Just maybe a tag people with good Rep in the server could get. Maybe only handed out to people with good over all Rep + a history of doing trading in the server. I think anything to make people feel more safe in the server is a good addition! 🌈 🌈 🥞 🌟