Stirdu's ban appeal


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- Why were you banned?
I was banned because I openly admitted to stealing 10$ when I was 12 years old over half a decade ago for 'scamming.' The reason given was "admitted scamming, hasn't paid back the full amount."

- Why should you be unbanned?
The incident in question was over 6 years ago, and I don't get how I can pay somebody back that I don't even remember. I was literally only talking about the incident (in the tgp disc server) to show that I've changed since then, otherwise I would of never risked my reputation over something as stupid as that.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
I will never scam again, I have no need to take from others and I regret my decision-making back then.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
I have been trying to purchase some kato crafts and I remember years ago when I used to trade on TGP that everybody would always be selling such cool crafts that I wish I could afford. I want to get unbanned so I can start trading on TGP, buy some of the crafts Ive always wanted, and become an active member in the community.

also if you do decide to unban me, please unban me from the discord too- Stirdu#0001


yeah done easily $10k+ in deals with this individual, has clear motive to go on the right path. unban this guy virus.


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I find this whole situation very embarrassing for this community. You have zero context of what happened when I admitted to 'scamming.' The person who I 'scammed' stole a game file from me. He told me he would pay 10$ for it, so I sent him the game file and he did not pay me. I then told him I would give him 10$ to delete the file fully off his PC, which he did and I did not pay him. This was over 6 years ago, and it still is the closest thing I have ever done to scamming. I have openly talked about it through the years because I learned a lot from it even though it was just 10$. This ban is so much of a joke that when virus saw me talking about this situation in chat he pinged staff to ban me, AND THEY THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING!

I made a ban appeal over 5 months ago via the appeal form and received no response to it. I decided to make a ban appeal here because I figured staff would see how bullshit the ban was. Its been nearly 2 months at this point and I have been constantly ego'd by virus throughout the entire appeal process for absolutely no reason. I will remind you that the ban reason was "admitted scamming, hasn't paid back the full amount." I have offered to donate 1000$ to charity for an unban, which is 100x the amount I had to 'repay,' and that offer was ignored. Maybe I can give virus the 1000$ for an unban to help pay his debt from his joke of a company.

I am a collector, I don't buy skins to profit. I buy skins because I want them. I can name many friends of mine who have traded on TGP and gotten great financial headstarts in their lives. I couldn't imagine how a legitimate trader would feel if they were in a similar situation to me. Their source of income crippled, and they have no chance of fixing it because of the massive ego of the server owner. You guys seriously need to get your shit together.