spredz [Cash Approved] tag Application


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1. Tag(s) you wish to apply for:

2. What will you bring to benefit our group/servers if you get this tag?:
I often Dealt with Cash Already in CSGO also in the Past and all my trades went without any problems,also i have a long time of Trading Knowledge and im a Fair and Good guy (Stable Proof) + (2nd Proof Dealing With 「pRA_tAP」 he wantet 19 had only 17 gave him 2 after when i had them rdy ) + (2+ arcs when i had them rdy )when it comes to Tradeoffers were the other side forget to put in my items : a Reason is Making Profit But in a Fair Way so the other side is also happy with the deal thats all about / also a reason is dealing with Paypal cuz its now bannable from that what i heard ( i cant create zell or cashapp or the other american cash methods in my country )

3. Post any credentials that can show why you deserve this tag.
500+$ in Cashrep also Proofable (Every Trade went well with Paypal) (also doing a btc/eth in the future)

4. Link your reputation thread? (only answer if applying for trading related tags) -
Cashrep - steam
TGP Cashrep


Im all for this guy getting approved. Always on the server making deals and is a super cool positive person!