Sickening S>Genuine Pins Ban Appeal


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Hello, umm yeah its me. I got banned on TGP back in July I think? Site is down I couldn't tell ya. I had a two week ban for getting confused on what WoWe told me and thought it was sharking and reported it to petri, he agreed with me then with the magic of anime, he sided with WoWe and I still couldn't understand, and Dre handed me a 2 week ban, after the two weeks was up, I told petri I no longer wanted to be permabanned which I had asked for and he said that's fine, a little later on some time within a few days or hours of that message, fuck who knows how long it was it was literally eons ago, petri had asked me if I still disagreed with what happened, so I truthfully told him I still can't wrap my head around why I was banned because I couldn't, no clue what WoWe even said it was worded weirdly and I had a seventh grade English knowledge at the time so I probably didn't understand it. I found out my ban is extended to a few years because I still didn't understand why I was banned. Something also about a PC I was given from Miffmaf which he was never punished for happened with a knife that started the situation with WoWe, it was some petty shit that made no sense and I really just wanted to get WoWe banned because I didn't like him and I wanted to do anything I could to claim victory of his sentence so I could be crowned king amungst the TGP traders. I had people on other trade servers agreeing with me on what he said and I don't think it really matters if my ban was pointless or not, I am here to say sorry at least for all the fucking chaos I caused. I do regret it, I was a VIP+ so clearly I enjoyed the server. I enjoyed it so much that I asked TGP to sponsor my team which a deal ended up going in place where I was sponsored by TGP for a while along with my CSGO team. Nowadays I am interested in trading again and would like a second chance on TGP for what I did, and even if you don't accept me oh well, I guess I will trade a different way,I am not too good at using reddit and I also enjoy the enviroment of trade servers.

-Sickening S>Genuine Pins

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Whatever you do, do not unban this racist pedophile. Listen carefully. Rain (Sickening S>Genuine Pins) is a pedophile from Connecticut. Trust me. He touches little 6 year old children (reports have been made about him and I am in contact with local authorities in Conneticut. Whatever you do, do not ban this racist piece of shit. I have played CSGO with him multiple times, and he's racist, annoying and again, a pedophile. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that justice is served and that the community recognizes Rain is a criminal. I have been in contact with authorities near his community and his school where I plan to speak to his principal. Again, DO NOT UNBAN HIM.