// PUNK- Cash Reputation


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After reviewing this trade from getting a buff account today, showed a larger disparity in my possible pricing I could offer.

575 ->610 seemed fair at first. My post shows buff from this week.

We earlier agreed to 610$ on a knife with overpay. But the overpay amount is looking more and more skewed with looking into sales within the last week on buff.

Good luck on your sale, and thanks for allowing me to take interest.

I had to re-fund the BTC->Zelle to Back to BTC, and incurred a few fees while thinking I was lead to this being a mutual benefit transaction.

From now, I have nothing bad to say about @Punk, other than I was just really un-informed about what this knife is.

Thanks for teaching me more about Fades.

This Cash Rep, is no longer for me, and I'm no longer interested in this trade.