More detailed suggestions for TF2 Trading Server


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I really want the new tf2 trading server to be popular so these are suggestions to better improve the server. (Note: This list was copied from Crust, I added a few more details to it -

- Stop the text chat (Voice) commands from showing up when someone makes their class speak
- Add some sort of special sounds/effects when someone unboxes an unusual (p much a common thing on trade servers)
- Remove the pan sound so people don't spam with it
- Don't allow teleporters to be built (people use them to glitch into certain areas OR teleport the blue team to areas where they shouldn't be to kill the red team).
- Maybe add spycrab rooms for people that decide to not use a middleman for spycrabs, or for people to spycrab when there are no admins online.

- Remove Random Crits
- Instead of a Large Health Pack, make it so when you kill someone it restores your HP back to max
- When you enter the MGE arena, be brought to different locations at random
- Multiple maps? (badlands spire?)
- Instead of sending in a random map location, send them to an MGE lobby where a map menu is given for the players to choose
- After each kill, restore their health to over their max (Means medic's overheal done on each class's max health)
- Each MGE session max point 20 or 15
- After a completed match, sends you back into the MGE lobby

Rocket Jump:
- P much good now, maybe make the map longer or rotate maps every now and then.
- Heath and ammo constantly resupplying (No need to always use the rocket jumper)

- Make the rockets come out of the middle and home to someone at random, or at least make the rockets start homing to people as soon as it's reflected.
- Allow only Pyros to go into the dodgeball room
- Disable any damage other than explosions in the room
- Include the sentry sound effect when a rocket projectile is locked onto a pyro to indicate the player
- Speed of the rocket increases after every reflection. (Not by a large factor, just bit by bit)
- Only allow primary weapons in the room (Phlogistinator can be replaced with the default flamethrower)
- Map changes would be nice too

Sniper Duel:
- Allow only snipers to enter the sniper duel arena