Mod Application Ypuoi


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User/name -Ypuoi - James (can give last name if needed, just would prefer to not post it online)

Age -19

Time spent trading - 2 months

Hours in game - 3k~ hours tf2

Previous Admin Experience - No previous experience

When you are encountered with a scammer and you don't have enough info, how will you best go about dealing with this? - When one reaches out to me I tell them to have a nice day and block them immediately after

What could be improved about group/servers - Being more serious about not letting people say inappropriate things around minors or potential minors. Honestly that's the only thing that's stood out to me as a potential large issue

What would I do to maintain/grow group/servers - I’ve already been advertising the server to friends, and being incredibly active in it myself (just because its one of my favorite trade servers by a mile)

What will I bring to group/servers - I'm not sure what I could offer more than just my time, meaning being a very active admin

Ability to coordinate events with T-Virus and other admins - My schedule currently is free most nights and weekends, so time permitting I don’t see issues with coordinating events.

Times I'm usually available in game - Between Noon and 10;00 PM sporadically on weekends, and typically between 5;00PM and 10;00PM on weekdays (again sporadically)

What ya need to know about me - I'm currently in college and only about 216 keys (according to backpack) deep into trading, so I'm not super financially invested in trading in the sense it I haven’t sunk my livelihood into it, or anything like that. I'm not sure if that would be an issue. Other than that I'm very active, always down to help and and discuss anything related to tf2 or tf2 trading. (even if I'm not the most experienced or seasoned at either)

What server am I applying to - The Unusual Paradise in tf2

Admins who I already know - French Rico and Russell primarily (I’ve met T-Virus, but not sure if he’d know me well enough to vogue for me )


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Accepted! I will be sending you our new admin documentation and giving you a run-down soon! Welcome aboard :)