JMagic for admin 2020 !!!!


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  1. John Mo
  2. Age: 18 years young
  3. How long have I been trading: I actually am not the biggest of traders, but I have traded a bit, so I do know the ins and outs and know what a scammer looks like, and what they might do.
  4. I have a whopping total of 1,745 hours on CS:GO, its literally the only game I play on steam besides pubg at times.
  5. Mod/Admin Experience: I do not have any admin or mod experience before this.
  6. No reputation thread, again I'm not the biggest trader. I'm more into becoming an admin to monitor and become more included with the community and its traders/players.
  7. First, I'd see what extent the trader went to. If said scammer is attempting to actual money or information from a player, I'd lean more towards a harsher ban (and perhaps talk it with another admin/mod online as well to get two says), but if it was a lighter offense, or someone's first attempt at doing something slightly shady, I may just hand them a lighter punishment, as well as make it known the the admins the players account.
  8. I think admins/mods could interact more with the players online. Sometimes trading can be a boring, repetitive and frustrating thing to do. I get it. Trying to convince others to take something off your hands is difficult, especially if you aren't the worlds best business man. For this reason, I want to help keep the servers less dull and keep it fun. I love talking to players, new and old, and just ask them how they're doing or what they're trading, who knows, maybe I'm interested myself. I'm also pretty active, so I'd be on the trading server quite often to help monitor trades or help players/traders answer questions or help middleman trades they may be sketched about. Overall, I'm trying to make the player experience on the server better and safer.
  9. I think I'd be bringing a new, positive face to the server. I'm a pretty outgoing player on the server, and it shows if you've ever seen me online. I'm always talking to the players, and love to be in conversation. I also keep it quiet when people are trying to advertise or get business done, so I am respectful as well. Again, I think implementing a new positive, person in the server to help conversate and keep players positive is a good step in keeping the server a better place overall.
  10. My schedule can vary, but I'm usually on most afternoons (Mountain Time) from anywhere ranging from 10am-2am, so I'm on quite a long time, but I'm not on that whole time, I can be on literally anytime in that frame, or anytime of an emergency if necessary.
  11. Some little info about me is that I'm an 18 year old kid who's graduating from high-school this spring. I'll be attending a university this fall (hopefully) and studying computer science. I've been playing CS:GO for over five years now, and have reached as high as LE on competitive servers. I am usually very active during the day, and can be on if someone wants to play or needs assistance in something. Other games I play can range really, from titles such as Call of Duty, to Smash Bros, to Rocket League; I play a lot of different games. My personality is pretty positive I'd say, I'm usually a very happy guy, and can use my humor or good spirits to help cheer people up. Heck, the reason I'm filling out this application is because people on the trading server wanted me to (I didn't even know I could apply for admin!). I think overall I'd bring the server administration, and player base overall a new face that they can learn to trust and lean on for support at times when I'm on. I'm very empathetic and good at problem solving, So I'd say I know my way around some arguments or skirmishes. Okay, I think I've said a little too much (haha), I hope this application is taken into consideration, and if any questions or more information is needed, feel free to contact me via steam or discord, I'll respond to either pretty fast. Thanks again, and I hope this works out!
  12. Applying to CS:GO trade server.
~ Jmagic