hwasan's Ban Appeal


New member
- Why were you banned?
I am not sure, I was banned simultaneously from the official TGP discord and the most popular buff balance trading discord. While I do not know the reason for the ban, if I did something that violated the rules I will admit my fault and do better (to do that I need to know the reason for the ban)

- Why should you be unbanned?
I am respectful of the rules, admins, and fellow traders that use the discord. I have been in the discord for a long time/was regularly active in the CS:GO server for a while as well until I started college. It is important for me to have this community to share ideas, knowledge/excitement about new skins and content, and to be able to connect with people to trade with.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
I will respectfully listen to what I did to get banned, acknowledge my fault(s), and change my actions to not repeat them.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
I contribute to a safe and respectful/enjoyable trading environment, and I do my best to contribute my knowledge about the economy to others.