Camerondono's Ban Appeal

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- Why were you banned?
I was advertising to buy skins for zelle or venmo and 3 admins told me I need a TGP rep to do that, so I advertised to trade and they banned me.

- Why should you be unbanned?
I'm getting back into cs skins and this server is a great place for it. I also didn't break any rule, I didn't cash trade.

- In what way can you prevent your previous actions (if applicable)?
I will only trade now if I need a TGP rep. I would make a rep but the 3 admins harassed me to the point of not wanting one.

- What qualities do you bring to our group?
I am on almost everyday, giving fair offers to the people that come and go. I don't bullshit around i'm there to buy sell or trade. I want to get into the trading community more. I have a csgo-rep and I teach people how to use buff and find the best prices. I try to teach people how to avoid scams as much as possible.
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I would make a rep
If you make a rep, and more than a week has passed, I will approve this unban. We require all of our active cash traders to make a cash rep on our forums. We try our best to keep our community tight and scammer free. Please post a link here to your TGP Rep to help us do that. Thanks
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